Grade First Aid Program

In order to register for classes spring quarter, you MUST complete the Grade First Aid program.This program is designed to help you achieve academic success at the University of Oregon.  Your participation will give you tools and techniques for returning to good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher) and staying there.  Through this program, we will encourage you to seek out campus resources, reflect on your academic career, and develop strategies for optimizing your academic success.

The Grade First Aid program includes activities that will help you develop a plan to achieve success as well as help you become knowledgeable about campus resources. The program is comprised of four main components:

  • An informational questionnaire to help you reflect on the fall term ;
  • A one-on-one advising appointment with your assigned advisor;
  • Attend an academic success workshop which will focus on tips and tricks to be successful;

Grade First Aid Program Materials

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Spring 2015 Workshops & Resources

Academic Resources

We believe these three simple tasks will help you to develop the skills and confidence to be successful not just in winter and spring quarters, but on your path to graduation. Please do remember however that a HOLD will be placed on your account during week 5 and you will not be able to make any changes to your schedule after that date (this includes changing grading options, dropping a class, etc.). Feel free to contact the Grade First Aid coordinator with questions or concerns.

Bil Morrill
Assistant Director
Office of Academic Advising

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