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Some of you visiting this blog may be avid blog readers, since there are blogs out there on just about every topic known to human kind. But, I (Becca) would venture to say that there is a much larger number of readers who are much less familiar with the idea of a blog. So, I’ve decided to highlight some helpful parts of this blog that you can utilize to get your academics back on track or take them to a new level of awesome.

  • The “Campus Resources” tab at the top of the page leads you to a list of helpful campus resources, short descriptions of what each office can help you with, and a link to their webpage with contact information. Sometimes  the first step in the right direction is knowing who to ask for help…and then actually doing it!
Screen shot of Campus Resource Page
  • Click on a “Category” on the right side of the page to be taken to all of the posts that deal with that particular topic. There are all kinds of topics to choose from ranging from more detailed information about offices on campus that can help in your academic journey under “Campus Partners” to stories from U of O students who have struggled academically and overcome obstacles to get back on track to success under “In Your Words”. Here is one of my favorite campus partner posts and one of my favorite posts from a student:

Spotlight on the Teaching and Learning Center: Part 1


Jessica’s Story – Academic Disqualification & Reinstatement

  • Get to know some of the advisors in the Office of Academic Advising by reading the “About Us” section or by choosing the “Meet Your Advisor” category. If we all could share one thing with students it would be that we exist to help you be successful – SO COME SEE US! We got into academic advising to work with students and talk through all kinds of issues whether it be celebrating with you over a great accomplishment or walking you through how to have a tough conversation with your parents about your academics.  To schedule an appointment all you have to do is call 541.346.3211 and our front desk workers will get you taken care of.

Office of Academic Advising Staff Photo 2011

I guess what I’m trying to say is welcome to the blog and I hope you stick around and check out some of the posts! I’m glad you made it this far and I hope you will find some good information to help you on your path to success. Don’t hesitate to come see us for more information or even just to find out where to begin. Enjoy your break and we’ll see you in the winter!

Where’s Jessica Now?

One of the best parts about being an advisor is getting to work with students through many milestones on their academic journey. Today we bring you an update from Jessica, who spoke with us last June about her disqualification and reinstatement. In case you missed the interview, take a minute to catch up here. Jessica speaks openly and honestly about dealing with the notice of disqualification, telling her parents, and working to get back on track. It wasn’t easy, but Jessica was committed to making positive and long-lasting changes. When asked that day about her upcoming summer classes at UO (her first time back in a year), Jessica said:

“I know I’m capable of getting better grades than I was before. I now feel like I’ve developed the tools to get those grades. I’m really pumped [about reinstatement]. I’m really excited.” – Jessica

Jessica came to UO and backed up that enthusiasm and excitement with lots of hard work. We are thrilled to report that not only was she reinstated, but she has now completed three terms at UO with nothing but A’s and B’s. Just as exciting, she’s found her way to a double-major that she finds personally and academically fulfilling.



Helpful Resources from Workshops

Hi everyone, Becca here. Recently, the Office of Academic Advising hosted a series of workshops for students who found themselves struggling academically after fall term. During the workshops an advisor and the students went through a series of activities designed to help students set SMART goals, manage their time, identify helpful resources on campus, and utilize some Top Advisor Tips. Well, the workshops went so well, we figured it would be good to make the activities and resource sheets available to everyone who visits the blog!

The first link is all about SMART Goal Setting . Use this worksheet to develop a goal for yourself and identify ways to achieve it. So what makes a goal SMART? Your goal should be – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Think of it this way – if your goal is to get a 3.5 term GPA, how do you measure your progress before final grades are posted?  While this goal is specific, how is measurable? Is it realistic and something you can attain? Do you even know what grades you would need to earn to get a 3.5? Instead try something like this – B in BI 130, C in MATH 111, and an A in WR 121. Next, think of three action steps you can work on to help meet your goal. On the second page think about what will motivate you towards meeting this goal and think about how to overcome challenges you may encounter. Lastly, SHARE YOUR GOAL – you need someone to “have your back” and hold you accountable and help you along the way.Make a commitment to yourself by signing this and posting it somewhere you see everyday!

SMART Goal Worksheet

Do you need help sorting out your day and keeping track of assignments and deadlines? Here are two calendars that can help with this. The “Quarter at a Glance” can be used to track major assignments, exams, quizzes and homework. It is designed to show you everything in one place. This way you don’t miss important dates.

Quarter at a Glance

Use the “Weekly Schedule” to map out your study plans, class schedule, and other time commitments. You can also use this schedule to evaluate how you are spending your time: are you following what you said you would do, or are you at the rec more than you allotted. Does it take two hours to study Spanish, or do you only need one, and what can the extra hour be used for – do you need more time to study for Math?

Weekly Schedule

Ever have a question and don’t know who to ask? Well, we made a list of all the offices on campus we think students might find most helpful to answer your questions. You’ll notice that the bottom three aren’t actually campus offices, but other websites with helpful information.

Academic Resources

Academic advisors are full of information and tips. So, we put together a list of our Top Tips we think students should know. Use these to refine your study skills and academic habits. See something missing? Leave a comment with your favorite tip!

Top Tips from your Advisor

Jessica’s Story – Academic Disqualification & Reinstatement

“I know I’m capable of getting better grades than I was before. I now feel like I’ve developed the tools to get those grades. I’m really pumped (about reinstatement). I’m really excited.” – Jessica

Katie here. Last June I took a phone call from a recently disqualified student. Jessica had finished her first year at UO, moved home for the summer, and – when trying to do a routine transaction on Duckweb – found out she’d been academically disqualified. She admits now that it shouldn’t have come as a complete surprise – she’d been on probation since the end of her first term – but it didn’t make hearing the news any easier.

Jessica petitioned right away for cancellation of the disqualification but was denied. Following the terms of her disqualification letter, she enrolled at Lane Community College for the 09-10 academic year and started checking in regularly with our office. Jessica’s come a long way in a year and (I’m happy to report) was just reinstated to the UO for Fall 2010. Congratulations Jessica!

I felt Jessica’s story would resonate for a lot of students and parents, so I invited her in for an interview. She speaks honestly about disqualification…the good, the bad, the embarrassing, and the unexpected. So whether you’re disqualified yourself, or supporting a son, daughter, or friend through this process, take a few minutes and listen as Jessica talks about breaking the news to her parents, finding support through her friends, enrolling at Lane, and finding a new major.

[wpvideo dPGMiH5i]

Transcript for Jessica’s Story

Would you like to talk to an advisor about your academic record? Have you been disqualified and you’re not sure what to do next? Call our front desk and request an appointment: 541-346-3211.

Spotlight on the Teaching & Learning Center – Part 5

Hello again! Today we return one last time to the Teaching & Learning Center to talk with Anthony Rimel, University of Oregon senior and TLC Writing Tutor in the Writing Lab. Anthony talks about what he does in the Writing Lab and how students can benefit from his services. The Writing Lab is open Week 2 through Wednesday of Finals Week from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday, and is located in 72 PLC (Prince Lucien Campbell Hall).  For more information on the Writing Lab and the Math Lab visit the TLC’s Website.

[wpvideo jhQgRUzZ]

Transcript for Spotlight on the Teaching and Learning Center Part 5

Spotlight on the Teaching & Learning Center – Part 4

Good afternoon! Today we return again to the Teaching & Learning Center to talk with Elly Vandegrift, Instructor at the TLC. In this portion of the Spotlight, Elly explains what she does at the Teaching & Learning Center and the students that she usually works with. Elly also talks about more of the resources available at the TLC for all students.

[wpvideo qPv0N9hy]

Transcript for Spotlight on the Teaching and Learning Center Part 4

Spotlight on the Teaching & Learning Center – Part 3

Good morning! Today we return again to the Teaching & Learning Center to talk for one last time with Amy Nuetzman, Assistant Director and Instructor. Amy gives us more details about the Teaching & Learning Center and the services they offer. She will talk about courses the TLC offers, how to find them, test preparation classes and all about their drop in services. We hope you’ll visit soon!

[wpvideo zShABRuY]

Transcript for Spotlight on the Teaching and Learning Center Part 3

Spotlight on the Teaching & Learning Center – Part 2

Today we return to the University Teaching & Learning Center to talk with Amy Nuetzman, Assistant Director and Instructor. Amy discusses common reasons students visit the TLC, and how you can best prepare for your next visit!

[wpvideo z9Sne1yi]

Transcript for Spotlight on the Teaching and Learning Center Part 2

Spotlight on the Teaching & Learning Center – Part 1

Today we’re featuring the first in a new series of podcasts about the UO’s Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). A few weeks ago, Becca and I visited the TLC and spoke with some of the folks there about the many services they offer students. We learned a lot and are excited to share some of the conversations with you!

Click on the video below to hear from Amy Nuetzman, Assistant Director and Instructor. Check back in the coming weeks for parts 2-5 in this series!

[wpvideo ifjIr43l]

Transcript for Spotlight on the Teaching and Learning Center Part 1

Academically Disqualified…what now?

Some of you reading this may have recently found out that you’re academically disqualified. Disqualification can feel punitive, but in actuality, the university is recognizing how difficult school is for you right now. Maybe you’ve experienced unexpected health issues or family responsibilities. Maybe you started college out of high school and struggled to adapt to the university’s academic standards. We understand that these things happen, and as advisors we meet students at all stages of this process.

On Thursday morning I met with Tony, a UO student who was academically disqualified in 2008 and is now working towards reinstatement for fall 2010. For those of you who are newly-disqualified, we thought you might appreciate hearing from someone who understands firsthand what you’re going through.

Tony reflected on his process over the past couple years – from initially getting the news and feeling upset and overwhelmed, to using this time to reconsider his career goals and work on personal stressors that were interfering with school. Now he’s looking forward to returning to UO and completing a major in public relations. I asked him to write out his thoughts related to disqualification and reinstatement:

Thinking back to Spring 2008 when you were academically disqualified, can you describe how you initially felt when you read your letter of disqualification?

Three words come to mind when I think of that moment – embarrassed, disappointed, and terrified.  I was embarrassed of what people around me would think about how I could not manage to keep a minimum GPA.  I was disappointed in myself – how could I let this get to a point that I could not get myself out?  And terrified about how I am going to fix this and how it is going to affect my future.  After those feelings stopped, I wanted to get right back into school, then realized I needed more time and that time made everything change for me.

How have your thoughts and feelings about disqualification changed since then?

I still think that disqualification is hard to handle, and no matter what, your feelings are going to be the same at the initial point you read the letter.  But that little letter changes everything for you!  You have to actually take time to figure out what you want and what matters to you. It’s hard at first, but that letter changes everything and points you in the right direction if you let it.

Looking ahead to the coming year, what are your personal and professional goals?

The time disqualification has given me to really look at what I want has changed my whole perspective. The time off gave me a chance to just be around some friends and their jobs and I realized there are jobs out there that you can enjoy and they become more than just a job.  I have realized that going to school is a great opportunity but a responsibility at the same time.  Take the opportunity to chase what you want, for me I realized that the time off made me want to go back to school even more. It also reinforced for me my career objective.

If you would like to speak to an advisor about disqualification or reinstatement (and everything in between), call our front desk at 541-346-3211 and request an appointment.