Where’s Jessica Now?

One of the best parts about being an advisor is getting to work with students through many milestones on their academic journey. Today we bring you an update from Jessica, who spoke with us last June about her disqualification and reinstatement. In case you missed the interview, take a minute to catch up here. Jessica speaks openly and honestly about dealing with the notice of disqualification, telling her parents, and working to get back on track. It wasn’t easy, but Jessica was committed to making positive and long-lasting changes. When asked that day about her upcoming summer classes at UO (her first time back in a year), Jessica said:

“I know I’m capable of getting better grades than I was before. I now feel like I’ve developed the tools to get those grades. I’m really pumped [about reinstatement]. I’m really excited.” – Jessica

Jessica came to UO and backed up that enthusiasm and excitement with lots of hard work. We are thrilled to report that not only was she reinstated, but she has now completed three terms at UO with nothing but A’s and B’s. Just as exciting, she’s found her way to a double-major that she finds personally and academically fulfilling.