Jessica’s Story – Academic Disqualification & Reinstatement

“I know I’m capable of getting better grades than I was before. I now feel like I’ve developed the tools to get those grades. I’m really pumped (about reinstatement). I’m really excited.” – Jessica

Katie here. Last June I took a phone call from a recently disqualified student. Jessica had finished her first year at UO, moved home for the summer, and – when trying to do a routine transaction on Duckweb – found out she’d been academically disqualified. She admits now that it shouldn’t have come as a complete surprise – she’d been on probation since the end of her first term – but it didn’t make hearing the news any easier.

Jessica petitioned right away for cancellation of the disqualification but was denied. Following the terms of her disqualification letter, she enrolled at Lane Community College for the 09-10 academic year and started checking in regularly with our office. Jessica’s come a long way in a year and (I’m happy to report) was just reinstated to the UO for Fall 2010. Congratulations Jessica!

I felt Jessica’s story would resonate for a lot of students and parents, so I invited her in for an interview. She speaks honestly about disqualification…the good, the bad, the embarrassing, and the unexpected. So whether you’re disqualified yourself, or supporting a son, daughter, or friend through this process, take a few minutes and listen as Jessica talks about breaking the news to her parents, finding support through her friends, enrolling at Lane, and finding a new major.

[wpvideo dPGMiH5i]

Transcript for Jessica’s Story

Would you like to talk to an advisor about your academic record? Have you been disqualified and you’re not sure what to do next? Call our front desk and request an appointment: 541-346-3211.

3 thoughts on “Jessica’s Story – Academic Disqualification & Reinstatement

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  2. I thought I would mention how I got on probation….. I had two years of above 3.00 gpa, then I registered for a four week summer class without realizing it was compressed into four weeks, didn’t even know there was such a thing. If a flag had come up asking are you sure you want to register for a four week chemistry class? I definitely would have said no. I don’t believe that is a wise way to learn. So….watch for start AND end dates.

  3. Erik, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. You bring up a great point! When signing up for courses, you should always check all of the information provided including both the start and end dates, class meeting times, time and location of the final exam, and all academic dates and deadlines for dropping, tuition refund, and grade options. Additionally, if you ever have any questions about any of this, come in and see an academic advisor sooner rather than later!

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